Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Happy Clients!

I just wanted to share some testimonials left by some of my lovely clients!


Dear Maha,

How are you? I hope this is ok and I really do mean everything I have written. My back is so
much better! My friend Kim who was in hospital is going to see her Mum in South Africa for a
few weeks, I hope this will make her better but she was so grateful for you performing reiki on
her from afar and she will definitely be coming to see you when she comes back. Here is the
testimonial I have written:

I decided to try reiki after experiencing back pain and I wanted to find a natural way of getting
my back better and not relying on painkillers. This was my first experience of reiki and I'm glad
to say it was a very positive one. Maha is extremely kind and warm, and made me feel welcome
and relaxed on my first meeting with her. During the first session I was amazed at the energy I
felt whilst Maha was performing the reiki. It was a very relaxing experience. I went back to Maha
for two more sessions and each time I felt more relaxed and calm within myself both during and
after the treatment. I'm amazed to say I haven't had any back pain since which I hadn't been able
to say for months before I first had reiki. I highly recommned Maha and infact one of my friend's is
booking an appointment with her shortly. I will also be back for 'top ups' to keep my energy balanced.
Thank you Maha!


Dear Maha

I want to thank you for the reicki sessions you gave me. I felt quite relaxed. I was able to distress and
felt a strong sense of calmness both during the session as well as afterwards. I had trouble sleeping prior
to the session and once I went through just 1 session of reiki was able to not only sleep faster but also
stay asleep throughout the night which was great. Thank you again for all your help.

Dear Maha,
Thank you for the Reiki sessions. Once I completed each one, I felt something shifted and I was able to
sleep that night and all the nights there after.
Above all, I cannot believe that I actually slept during the session! Something new for me as I find it very
difficult to get to the sleep stage easily even when I am tired.
I feel the sessions have helped me be more energetic during the day and am able to work with better
concentration. Generally, I feel relaxed and I am glad that I have discovered the amazing Reiki, thanks to
you. I will be doing more sessions for sure.

Thank you for your help and dedication
Please do get in touch if you would like to try a Reiki healing session with me, so you can benefit from
the beautiful, deeply healing and relaxing Reiki energy.
Call me on:  07944661827 or 07928082172 or
and don't forget!
Just for today...  
do not anger
do not worry
be humble
be honest (in your dealings with other people)
be compassionate towards yourself and others
The founder of Reiki
Mikao Usui  (1865-1926)
Reiki Precepts to live by