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Booking a Reiki healing session

To book a healing session you can contact me:


tel; 07944661827

Reiki Healing offer

Just want to wish everyone a very Merry Xmas, Hannukah and a Blessed and auspicious New Year.....

Until January 30th, I'm offering reiki sessions for £40/ 1 hr

so book now for yourself, or family and friends

Peace and love to everyone

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Happy Clients!

I just wanted to share some testimonials left by some of my lovely clients!


Dear Maha,

How are you? I hope this is ok and I really do mean everything I have written. My back is so
much better! My friend Kim who was in hospital is going to see her Mum in South Africa for a
few weeks, I hope this will make her better but she was so grateful for you performing reiki on
her from afar and she will definitely be coming to see you when she comes back. Here is the
testimonial I have written:

I decided to try reiki after experiencing back pain and I wanted to find a natural way of getting
my back better and not relying on painkillers. This was my first experience of reiki and I'm glad
to say it was a very positive one. Maha is extremely kind and warm, and made me feel welcome
and relaxed on my first meeting with her. During the first session I was amazed at the energy I
felt whilst Maha was performing the reiki. It was a very relaxing experience. I went back to Maha
for two more sessions and each time I felt more relaxed and calm within myself both during and
after the treatment. I'm amazed to say I haven't had any back pain since which I hadn't been able
to say for months before I first had reiki. I highly recommned Maha and infact one of my friend's is
booking an appointment with her shortly. I will also be back for 'top ups' to keep my energy balanced.
Thank you Maha!


Dear Maha

I want to thank you for the reicki sessions you gave me. I felt quite relaxed. I was able to distress and
felt a strong sense of calmness both during the session as well as afterwards. I had trouble sleeping prior
to the session and once I went through just 1 session of reiki was able to not only sleep faster but also
stay asleep throughout the night which was great. Thank you again for all your help.

Dear Maha,
Thank you for the Reiki sessions. Once I completed each one, I felt something shifted and I was able to
sleep that night and all the nights there after.
Above all, I cannot believe that I actually slept during the session! Something new for me as I find it very
difficult to get to the sleep stage easily even when I am tired.
I feel the sessions have helped me be more energetic during the day and am able to work with better
concentration. Generally, I feel relaxed and I am glad that I have discovered the amazing Reiki, thanks to
you. I will be doing more sessions for sure.

Thank you for your help and dedication
Please do get in touch if you would like to try a Reiki healing session with me, so you can benefit from
the beautiful, deeply healing and relaxing Reiki energy.
Call me on:  07944661827 or 07928082172 or
and don't forget!
Just for today...  
do not anger
do not worry
be humble
be honest (in your dealings with other people)
be compassionate towards yourself and others
The founder of Reiki
Mikao Usui  (1865-1926)
Reiki Precepts to live by

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Advice for healthy skin by Dr. Ben Kim

I came across this very informative article about healthy skin that I thought I would share with you, I highly recommend having a glance at the very least,......




Monday, 13 June 2011

Treating Depression with Reiki


I apologise for the very long gap since I last posted, it's been hectic to say the least..... however, without any further adieu here is a very interesting article which I thought would help explain how Reiki may help treat various forms of depression or blocked emotions..

Treating Depression With Reiki

Reiki Masters believe that thought is energy vibrating at a very high frequency while the human body is energy vibrating at a lower frequency. Vibrations produce actions and actions produce reactions at grosser and grosser levels of frequency in a ripple effect!
While positive thoughts are universally acknowledged to manifest as health, negative thoughts are held to produce disease or lack of ease. Mental disease is manifested as depression, depressive psychosis, mania or even schizophrenia.

Treating depression with Reiki is fast becoming a sought-after alternative to modern drugs. Reiki deals with depression as negative energy. Negative energy manifests at the aura level as imbalance in the Chakras or energy centres and is visible to the Reiki practitioner as grey or black spots in the aura. Imbalance of the energy centres causes reactions at a physical level, for the energy centre governs the health or disease of the organs and endocrine glands located within its purview.

The Chakra System and Depression
The Chakras that are usually blocked in a person who is depressed are the lower--the root chakra, the naval chakra, and to some extent the solar plexus chakra, which is part of the middle group.

The Root Chakra anchors the person to the earth. It represents the physical will and is associated with the spinal column, bones, teeth, nails, anus, rectum, colon, prostrate gland, blood and the building of cells. The Suprarenal glands, which produce adrenalin and influence body temperature, are governed by condition of the root chakra. The person whose root chakra is out of balance cannot accept life or enjoy physical existence. The creative energy of such a person is low and self-expression is not considered necessary. The person will have a tendency to overindulge in sensual pleasures such as overeating, alcohol, sex etc. He or she becomes selfish, self-centred. Physically the person becomes overweight and suffers from constipation. When challenged the person becomes irritable, aggressive, upset, violent and displays a complete lack of trust. If the Chakra is completely blocked the person will lack physical and emotional stamina and will be filled with feelings of uncertainty.

The Naval Chakra is the creative and reproductive centre of the being. It is associated with the pelvic girdle, kidneys, bladder and all liquids such as blood, lymph, gastric juices and the regulation of the female menstrual cycle. The glands associated with this chakra are the Prostrate, gonads, ovaries and testicles. If this energy centre is active and free of blocks the person exhibits freedom in self-expression and life appears interesting. Interpersonal relationships are regarded as beautiful. A disharmonious chakra induces the person turn off sensual messages and display low self-esteem, emotional paralysis and sexual coldness. Life does not seem worth living and suicidal tendencies manifest themselves.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the power centre of the being. A harmonious Chakra gives the person a feeling that he has the power of shaping things. It is associated with the lower back, abdomen, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gallbladder and the automatic nervous system. The organ that is governed by this Chakra is the Pancreas. The body absorbs solar energy through this chakra. This nurtures the ethereal body and energizes and maintains the physical body. Emotional energy is also governed by this Chakra. Personality traits and social identities are determined by it. Since it is located between the lower and higher chakras it has the additional function of purifies the basic instincts and directing the creative energy to higher values of life. It is also connected to the astral body and helps us integrate our feelings, wishes and experiences harmoniously. A block solar plexus chakra deprives the individual of the zest for life. The person feels gloomy, unbalanced and moody. Negative vibrations impact the individual through this chakra. The person is restless and attempts to manipulate everything in accordance with his or her own wishes. There is a persistent feeling of inadequacy, which drives them to ceaseless activity. The person gets easily threatened and tends to feel dejected and discouraged. The person insists that obstacles are preventing them from realizing the true goals of life.

It is clear that the symptoms of a person in the grip of acute depression are as much physical as emotional and psychological. A block will exist in the root chakra, the naval chakra and the Solar plexus Chakra. The creative energies of the person will be at an all time low and the person will avoid situations where he or she has give expression to his or her feelings. He is self indulgent, selfish, self-centred and suffers from a large number of ailments related to the stomach and has a tendency to put on weight. He or she will lack physical stamina and will be moody, irritable, aggressive and defensive. He will have no interest in life and will refuse to socialize. In extreme cases he will attempt suicide.

To read more click below:
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_Tremayne

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/189088

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Here's another very interesting article about addictions, I hope it will prove useful


Emily Kane N.D.

In this land of plenty, a conservative estimate calls 4 out of 10 Americans "addicts." Abused substances include sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, prescription drugs and street drugs including pot. Addiction can serve us well once we recognize that substance abuse is a way to obscure honest, peaceful, self-discovery. Using, of any addictive substance, gives us the temporary illusion of control, excitement and perfection. In recovery we discover, often to our great relief, that we're not perfect, that we need intimacy, and that integrity is more appealing than denial. The addict is self-obsessed; living for the next "fix." The addict is crisis oriented; using panic as a way of feeling alive while avoiding meaningful contact with others. In recovery we let go of our need to control in favor of serenity and clarity.
Scientists from different schools of thought have attempted to explain addiction. Some say the culprit is a genetic lack of the feel-good, sleep-inducing neurotransmitter serotonin. Others say early brain cell damage begets lack of feedback inhibition for normal cravings, driving them out of balance. For example, non-addictive persons who eat some sugar will be satisfied (in terms of simple carbohydrates) for several hours. The addictive person, by contrast, will crave even more sugar after consuming a moderate serving. This may be due, in addicts, to a lack of endorphin stimulation when a healthy physiologic craving is satisfied. Other researchers and physicians contend that addiction is largely a response to depression. Addiction is major problem in this country, whatever the cause. Sugar addiction is perhaps the most insidious because the substance is so cheap, so available and so universally regarded as a "treat."
Addiction spells confusion. For example, street drugs are "bad" while prescription drugs are "good" despite the statistics which show that in any recent year death due to complications from prescription drug overdose is 50 times more likely than death from street drugs. Nevertheless, IV "recreational" drug addicts are the long-term reservoir for AIDS and the vast proportion of criminal activity among teenagers is due to the cocaine trade. Caffeine and alcohol and nicotine are socially condoned although they contribute to a substantial percentage of hospitalizations in the U.S.
If you ingest white sugar daily, or drink alcohol daily or have an immediate family member who is alcoholic, or feel depressed frequently you may have a problem with addiction without realizing it. Please take a good look; the crucial initiation of breaking free from addiction is recognizing the substance abuse and seeking help to maintain the commitment to quit.
Addiction results from a multifactorial network of choices; the treatment approach must address not only the physical, but the mental and emotional (spiritual) as well. One reason the 12-Step programs (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Spenders Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, etc.) are so successful is that they are free of charge and thus require only the commitment of the participant for attendance. Sometimes people need stronger measures to kick their habit at the beginning. But quitting per se is not so difficult; the trick is staying quit. Many addicts have incurred so many physical and mental changes that they need to get their fix merely to sustain homeostasis. In other words withdrawal can be very rough. And the better prepared we are for withdrawal, whether it be from inhaled crack or chocolate, the better we will be able to handle the rocky road back to recovery.
The basic parameters for recovery are the same as for any rehabilitation; good high fiber, high fresh veggie, plenty of pure water diet; regular adequate sleep; daily exercise; heartfelt participation in group activities. Don't isolate yourself. The more people know you're trying to quit, the more help will be spontaneously offered, and the more comfortable you'll be with asking for help and taking baby-steps towards your new reality.
The cornerstone towards my own recovery has been wanting to hear that small and enormously personal inner voice that would get drowned in the substances night after night. Breaking free of addictive habits is a blessed opportunity to engage in the ultimate purpose of life -- to know Thyself. Meanwhile, there are a few natural support mechanisms that may help.
  1. Good old Vitamin C, preferably the powdered form (1/4 tsp = 1 gram). Take up to 12 grams daily. Vitamin C is the single most potent free radical scavenger and will help cleanse and oxygenate the tissues. It will also help to keep the bowels moving; a very important component of getting clean and sober.
  2. The amino acid Glutamine is a so-called amino radical, useful in detox, as well as acting as an excitatory neurotransmitter. Glutamine, 1 gram 4-6 times daily between meals on an empty stomach, will stimulate the body's natural opiates, the endorphins and enkephalins, to help us through the cravings.
  3. Essential fatty acids (preferably Flax oil, cold, raw, 1 tablespoon daily) in combination with the sulfur proteins (foods with cysteine or methionine, such as yoghurt, eggs, codfish, sesame paste, garlic and onions) will render fat soluble toxins water soluble, allowing all the toxic wastes, which are preferentially stored in the body's fat cells, to be flushed out via the kidneys and sweat glands.
  4. Anything to enhance perspiration; rigorous exercise, Turkish wet steam, or Finnish style dry heat sauna. Make sure to scrub down with a high-fat soap (such as Neutrogena) after sweating, to emulsify the fatty secretions and prevent their re-absorption.
  5. Liquid aqueous chromium drops are extremely helpful in reducing sugar cravings. This is because the trivalent mineral chromium is the central molecule in the Glucose Tolerance Factor, which allows insulin to deliver glucose from the blood stream into the cells. Without chromium, the insulin cannot do its job and sugar will build up in high levels in the blood, then flood precipitously into the cells causing the dramatic rollercoaster ride of "sugar blues."
  6. There are a number of natural substances to help with sleep and depression, including the amino acids tyrosine, phenylalanine, tryptophan (the precursor to serotonin) and the vitamin niacinamide. From the botanical pharmacy we have Valerian, Scutellaria (Skullcap), Passiflora (Passion lower), Chamomile and many others.
  7. Many people are help enormously by acupuncture, especially for getting off nicotine and street drugs. Acupuncture detox clinics using a simple "5 needle protocol" in specific acupoints (Spirit Gate, Lung, Liver, Kidney and Parasympathetic) in both ears are so successful that state governments have become involved. Seattle King County medical insurance will now re-imburse for acupuncture treatments for addicts. In Oregon, heroin addicts MUST try acupuncture before getting methadone.
Whether you go the route of stimulate the natural endorphins or 12-step meetings, the bottom line is commitment to self. Cold turkey off anything is usually the least painful in the long run -- but please prepare yourself. Prepare for the demons who will emerge. Prepare to negotiate with them and bring them around to your best interest. Set a date; tell your friends; locate support groups in your area; stock up the pantry with fresh healthy snacks; invest in a consultation or two with your local holistic health practitioner to get some high quality supplements. Ask your doctor or therapist to help guide you through a visualization of a shiny clean new you. No one is pretending it's easy; but it's certainly worth it.

Peace & Best Regards,


Microwave ovens

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share this link with you about microwave ovens. I know I use one (reluctantly) for convenience, but I do think it is worth thinking about not using one so frequently. I certainly won't be using one anymore!


Peace & Best Regards


Sunday, 23 January 2011

What is Reiki?

Hello everyone!

For those of you who have never heard of Reiki, or heard of it but are not sure what it is, I have provided an extract from my website natural-healingweb.com:

Reiki, pronounced Ray Key, is a non invasive form of hands on healing system developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s in Japan.
During a Reiki healing  session, the practitioner places their hands on or above the recipient and channels the healing energy through their crown chakra down their body and out through their hands. 

The healer channels the Universal Life Force energy, that energy which is all around us and infuses life, into the patient. Promoting healing on spiritual, emotional,mental and physical levels
Literally Reiki is translated as”Universal Life Force Energy” or “Spiritual Energy” The word is divided into 2 parts: Rei-“wisdom and knowledge of all the Universe” and Ki-which is the life force energy that flows through every living thing- plants, animals and people.

It is a therapy where the recipient remains fully clothed during treatment, and it has many benefits especially deep relaxation and stress reduction.

* Relaxes                                                            * Strengthens the immune system
* Reduces stress and tension                               * Treats symptoms and causes of illness
* Clears toxins                                                    * Relieves pain
* Promotes natural self-healing                            * Enhances personal awareness                  
* Balances the energies in the body                     * Promotes creativity
* Balances the organs and glands                        * Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
* Aids meditation and positive thinking

If you would like to experience reiki for yourself, please contact me to arrange a session:

tel: 07928082172

Peace and my Best Regards,


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Happy New Year!...and welcome to my new blog

Hello everyone!

This is my first post, so I will just be telling you what this blog is about and prepare you for what is to come...

I will be posting articles written by myself, Maha Khabbaz-Farrell, as well as by other authors that I think would benefit you on your journey to Happiness, Good health and Joy!

I am a Nutritional therapist, Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Reiki Healer. I believe the body can heal itself given the right environment, diet, herbs and when one has a sense of well being. ie. When there is the holistic trinity of balanced body, mind and spirit.

I hope you will enjoy my posts!

Peace and Best Regards